Mod voice, voice change to male/female in real time?

This is posted on our site before. But I’m reposting this question as I didn’t get any good software from the previous discussions.

I wanna change my voice to female and talk in real-time on Skype calls. I saw many scam busters use it on youtube videos. I basically want to use it not to reveal my identity and real voice when I contact people.

Which premium software is available for changing voice in real-time?


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Do you think voice conversion is easy to create? It is a research and patent filed – you will never find any good and cheap one in the market. Standalone software would be up to £1000 or API services might be $1/hour.

Voice conversion is a branch of research in speech processing and computational linguistic plus deep learning in order to create.

I know how to create it but I cannot tell, it is my patent. There is one here you can study (and again I won’t tell which one) on this

You have to read all academic papers. This is path you need to walk yourself.

If you do not have any knowledge in mathematic, signal processing, nor linguistic…BYE BYE


No, I don’t have any excuse. I completely agree to what you said. I will make sure that such questions are asked in already created discussion topics. Sorry.


You can use Voicemod pro to change in real time.


thanks bro. i needed girl voice though.

I am using Voicemod. It works very good, in real time. Used it in video conferences as well. Is good.

it doesn’t support girl voice … which settings do you use?