MIT Celebrates 'Pi Day' With Star Wars-Themed Video

DevNull127 writes: MIT has a long-standing tradition. High school seniors who’ve been accepted into next year’s class at MIT are informed on Pi Day (March 14th — that is, 3/14). And each year there’s also a slick video touting the URL where students can check whether they’ve been admitted. (Last year’s video documented a massive project that involved 30 sacks of charcoal plus several hundred pounds of — no, that would be telling…)

But in 2018 Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill appeared in a Star Wars -themed video titled “The Last Dean.” (The 2017 video had also paid homage to another Disney franchise…) So for 2020, MIT’s video returned again to their version of Star Wars universe.

Congratulations to the class of 2024! Even America’s National Security Agency got into the Pi Day fun this year, daring readers on Twitter to try to crack the code hidden in this sentence:

“Now, I make a tasty delicious or hidden treat and share messages decrypted through numbering…”