Microsoft Will Now Snitch On You At Work Like Never Before

schwit1 writes:

Microsoft is preparing a couple of little updates that may curb employee rulebreaking enthusiasm. Yes, this news again comes courtesy of Microsoft’s roadmap service, where Redmond prepares you for the joys to come. This time, there are a couple of joys. The first is headlined: “Microsoft 365 compliance center: Insider risk management – Increased visibility on browsers.” It all sounded wonderful until you those last four words, didn’t it? For this is the roadmap for administrators. And when you give a kindly administrator “increased visibility on browsers,” you can feel sure this means an elevated level of surveillance of what employees are typing into those browsers.


Hi @PlayBoy83
thank you for sharing.
Companies looking at whether their employees are working or not, when at home work is their right, but when these controls can reach everyone then we will have a big problem.
The Big Tech will use this to control all, as we are seeing now with the Covid controls and all that they are doing when we say or write something that they don’t like.

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