Microsoft Will Continue Supporting Windows 10 With Yearly Feature Updates

Along with the release of Windows 10’s November 2021 update, Microsoft announced that it will no longer provide Windows 10 updates twice per year. Instead, it’s switching to a once-per-year schedule. As Ars Technica notes, “This is meant to sync Windows 10’s update schedule with Windows 11’s, which is also going to receive major feature updates once per year.” From the report:

Microsoft hasn’t committed to the number of yearly updates it will provide for Windows 10, but the company will support “at least one version” of the OS until update support ends in October of 2025. Microsoft is promising 18 months of support for Windows 10 21H2, so it seems safe to assume that we’ll at least see 22H2 and 23H2 releases for Windows 10. For businesses using Windows 10 Enterprise, version 21H2 is also a Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) update and will receive update support for five years instead of 18 months. While more Windows 10 updates will be welcome news for anyone who isn’t ready to move to Windows 11 or whose hardware doesn’t support the new OS, it’s not clear what “feature updates” will entail for an operating system that has been replaced.


Late but not least, finally, they change their plans, I’m happy now, though, I knew that coming because it wasn’t the great plan they’ve on to discontinue updates near 2025, now everything is back to work, Dudes like me, I didn’t plan to move on to Windows 11 at any part, indeed it’s a good OS, anyway, all my fears has been gone now, Happy to know Windows 10 ain’t going anywhere! :heart:


Windows 95 :+1:
Windows 98 :-1:
Windows 98 SE :+1:
Windows 2000/ME :-1:
Windows XP :+1:
Windows Vista :-1:
Windows 7 :+1:
Windows 8/8.1 :poop:
Windows 10 :+1:
Windows 11 ???

Assuming that Microsoft will continue it’s usual pattern of making every second OS shit, I was planning to skip Windows 11 and just wait for the next one.


But in fact, Windows 11 is really good and even less resource-hungry than Windows 10. They have removed a few features like a drag to taskbar app, snap & stitch and a few others it’s actually great. I am enjoying it without any issues.


Some of the features and changes do look good, but some of the other changes are annoying and unnecessary like the start menu and right-click menu changes. I also don’t like the rounded corners, that was a big step backwards aesthetically.
And don’t even get me started on Android app integration.

The main point is that even though there are ways of getting around these issues and having Windows 11 the way I like it, I can just save the effort and stay with Windows 10 which IS the way I like it, isn’t riddled with bugs and will run on just about any PC built in the last 20 years.

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