Microsoft Edge's Latest Feature Called a 'Shameless Cash Grab' by Critics

Microsoft Edge recently gained a feature that allows people to pay for online purchases in installments. It’s known as buy now, pay later (BNPL), and it’s currently in testing on Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary. The option drew criticism from fans and users of the browser that expressed frustration in the comments section of the post announcing the feature. From a report:

The center of most complaints is the belief that Microsoft Edge is becoming bloated with shopping features rather than delivering a pure browsing experience. BNPL is optional, but its detractors are against the concept of Edge having shopping features built in. “It’s impressive how quickly you can throw away years of hard work and good will with a ridiculous feature like this,” said vyrotek. “The Edge teams need to pause and think how they possibly thought this was a good idea. Even the Bing features are getting too aggressive.” Cameron_Bush states asks for Microsoft to reconsider the addition. “This sounds like an awful idea that will only be seen as a shameless cashgrab are/or bloat by media outlets. I beg you reconsider pushing this to live. The negative press this feature is going to receive isn’t worth it.”