Microsoft Brings JavaScript To Excel

Microsoft announced an update to Excel that brings a new JavaScript API to the venerable spreadsheet app. “With this new API, developers will be able to create custom data types and functions based on them,” reports TechCrunch. From the report:

“Customers will be able to create their own add-ins and extend previously existing ones to capitalize on data types, resulting in a more integrated, next-generation experience within Excel,” Microsoft explains in its press materials. “They can share these data types across the organization and create add-ins or solutions that connect data types to their own service or data. The API gives power to users and developers, allowing them to better organize, access and work with their data.” Microsoft already worked with Bloomberg to help that company trial these custom data types. “A preview of the new JavaScript API in Excel will be available later this month, but it’s not clear exactly when this will be rolled out to all Microsoft 365 users,” notes The Verge.