Method to Download Any Skillshare Premium Course using Google Colab (no Skillshare account needed)


This colab script will help you to download any skillshare courses to your google drive account without premium skillshare account.


Click below open in colab button.

Step 1: Mount the gogle drive
Open Runtime and change runtime type to GPU ( be sure that you are using Python 3).
after this you look at the right and press connect, choose hosted runtime
wait until ok
Go to left side bar and choose Files in menu and MOUNT DRIVE
Execute that script and you will get the link to auth your account. Click the link, select your account that you want to use as a google drive storage. Allow the permission and you will get the code to auth your Gdrive. Copy the code, back to your Notebook, paste the code in the box under the sentence ‘Enter your authorization code:’, then click enter.
If is ok you will see you will see your drive in the sidebar by expand ‘drive’ folder

Step 2 : install the required requirements by running the cell

now paste any skillshare course link in second cell course link input box then run it.

you can see a new data folder created. (click the refresh button in colab if it doesn’t show up). your all downloaded courses save here.

Now run the last cell to move the downloaded course to your drive.

Bugs so far

It’s working fine as I used.


I have found it somewhere but I have made some modifications. Credit to the original script writer.


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Wow! Worked like charm! Thanks :heart:


Thanks working fine

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No, You don’t need premium skillshare account to download .


Here is,

original repo:
original notebook link:[KENWAY].ipynb

and here is your repo created 21hours ago & only changed ASCII art to something else.



Nice work its work for me

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I haven’t taken the credit for the script .

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Working! Thanks a lot!!! :100:

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Great… Working fine… :heart_eyes:

But, I have a doubt : Is this possibility known to Skillshare or is this any kind of illegal hack ?! :upside_down_face:

If this is a vulnerability, does informing them get the finder of the same some bounty ?! :thinking:

Is those course downloaded in HD Quality cause mine is downloaded in 360p :zipper_mouth_face:

thanks it works! but can u please tell me what happens to this when I try to download course again for the 2nd time? please tell me how should I fix it.

mv: inter-device move failed: '/content/Skillshare' to '/content/drive/My Drive/Skillshare-DL/Skillshare'; unable to remove target: Directory not empty

thanks in advance

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change the folder name of previous folder in drive.


Is it only meant for windows?

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It is colab script, You can use it anywhere which has browser?

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As far as I’ve seen from the Python code, it is a hack from someone who figured out that the SS videos are hosted on Brightcove, so the code simply downloads the videos directly from Brightcove bypassing SS entirely (hence the reason why it doesn’t need an account to do that)

It is the same as with other course sites that host their videos on Wistia and they download the videos directly from Wistia - it’s the same principle.

And to answer your question: yes, using that code to download the videos without a paid account is considered an illegal hack.


hi can u make one for lynda?

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Got this error after 2 courses download


Too good you guys…Thanks so much… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I think that guy made a module in python which contains his premium login credentials and thus allowing us to download.

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