Mega to Google Drive Transfer Via Colab - Video Tutorial

Hi guys :blush:,

I found a Video Tutorial for Mega to Gdrive Transfer Via Colab.
I won’t be explaining anything since everything is mentioned in the Video Tutorial.

Video Tutorial:- Click here
Video Credits:-Bhadoo Cloud

Colab Notebook Link:- Click here

Repo Link:-

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Thanks for the share. Will try it out :slight_smile:
Edit: Works flawlessly.

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That’s amazing… :heart_eyes: Thank you @FlashyFlash for the amazing share, defiantly will try it out… :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you this worked perfectly. Appreciate it

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Nice gift. Thanks.

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Thanks for the tut, but what if we want to transfer from gdrive to mega??


u can use the same colab notebook it has that feature too…its jus above the section of mega to gdrive

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Thank you. Can I use all ’Google colab methods’ on my phone?

u can but the ui is not optimized for phone so its not recommended

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Isn’t the video about Gdrive to Mega?
I thought this is about Mega to GDrive or am I missing a point?

Video is abt Mega to Gdrive
the notebook supports both ways


I have ried the same method as in the video, but it has not worked.

what issue ur having?

Thank you very much. I have managed.
I was missing something in my steps.

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Thanks! It works like charm. and the fun part is I’m able to transfer a lot of data without quota.

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works like charm thank you

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Thank. Have you ‘YouTube-dl Google Colab’ notebooks ?

search All in one colab notebook on the forum you will find it

Hey buddy thanks for the great share. First time using collab.
Do we have to keep the brower tab open the whole time during the transfer or we can close and the transfer will still take place in the server?

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getting error,
api error (not logged in)