Mega Account Loading Problem

Bhai Mera mega Account open NAHI ho Raha bar bar out of memory error sho w Kar Raha hai
Mobile Desktop or sabhi browser me login Karke dekh Liya
Aadhi Red line AATI uske bad error AA JATA h Koi solution Bata do please :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: My Data gone lost?

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Is your account’s storage full? @Bsp123Delhi

My account is bussniss account for 2 Months trail one month Abhi baki h expire gone after 15 August 21 but not working or login
I uploaded 116 Tb of Data
Koi solution nhi mila abhi tak

Can we see the errors? Make sure to scramble any private info like name or email.

What is happening is totally normal for mega and nothing out of the ordinary, mega is just indexing and parsing the files, and it takes ages for it to do that and as you can see it renders your account useless for the time being.

It will take a few more days but yeah it will be back to normal.

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My question to @Bsp123Delhi is how much data they have in that Mega account that it takes so long to index?

He mentioned that he uploaded 116TB, even I want to know how he did this tbh. But anyways speaking from experience the more data there is, the more time it takes and this gets exponentially higher if that data is super discrete, like thousands of files and nested directories