Mega account limit exceeded

Hey guys, I just wanted to Know whether deletes files if we exceed the storage limit and In which way they will delete files means will they delete last files added and is there any way to save files from being deleted.

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I don’t trust ANY site that offers to store my Data for FREE, and for that matter I don’t trust sites even if I have to pay for the service.
Why, you may ask. Simply, and obviously it’s because you don’t know any of these businesses that are making these offer to you.
My advice to you is buy yourself an external SSD (solid state drive) drive and store your important data there. They are not that expensive now, and they work fast as they don’t have any moving parts. Also you never have to format them either, unless you wish to change the format from the default
" exFat32 " to " NTFS "
You will be better off doing this than trusting someone you don’t know from a bar of soap.