Master A Craft And Become More Valuable | Micro Content Course By Saturn's Ring ⭐


Master A Craft And Become More Valuable | Micro Content Course | Saturn’s Ring :star:

  • We made this course with the intention that anyone can learn Premiere Pro and utilize more of their Adobe Cloud subscription. We dive deep into helpful methods within Premiere Pro and explain techniques that go beyond just creating clips for social media. The videos and assets are built to help you within any format in video creation.
  • Those that are getting into the space will be asked to do more than just micro content. So with this course, we want those that purchase to be a “swiss army knife” rather than a 1-trick pony.
  • We include 4 other programs (Media Encoder, After Effects, Audition and Photoshop) to make you a well rounded editor. We give you some shortcuts and elaborate on key settings to give you confidence as you continue to learn and expand your skills.
  • We walk through the fundamentals of editing within Premiere Pro and tie-in techniques from After Effects, Photoshop and Audition.

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Thanks for this bro. Does this includes the

Course Assets/Add-ons:

  • 30+ Preset pack made by Saturn’s Ring for Premiere Pro
  • Animated Emoji Pack (Free from HafidTuber)
  • Practice Footage (Featuring Alex Hormozi)
  • 5 Font Presets of famous creators (Links and special font styles are included)