Manipulation - Dark Psychology to Manipulate and Control People

This book explores the theory of manipulation by breaking down manipulation into its component parts, forming useful, objective definitions and offering practical advice for manipulating others.

After reading the book, you can expect to have greater insight into your own actions and the actions of others. You will have a strong grounding in the mechanics of manipulation, allowing you to make your own decisions about manipulating others, and recognize when others are manipulating you.



ohh… interesting! THanks!

Thanks very much.

This book is essentially a blog post. I read it in 30 min. If you want a book on the subject that actually talks about real science while being readable look for “Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion” by Chaldini and his other book “Pre-Suasion” as well as the book Subliminal and thinking fast and slow.
The only real showcasing of the authors understanding of manipulation, is that people was tricked into buying this book

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Now who woud not download that, when i see something already checked on virustotal i become nervous.

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