Malwarebytes Releases New VPN Service For Windows

The popular anti-malware software MalwareBytes is releasing a new Windows VPN service called Malwarebytes Privacy. The company says it plans on offering Mac, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS versions in the future. Bleeping Computer reports:

During our tests yesterday, you could select from 10 states in the USA and 30 countries around the world. […] Malwarebytes told BleepingComputer that this is not a white-label service, but rather one they developed themselves. A trusted-third party built the network infrastructure, and Malwarebytes developers created the app and other components. Malwarebytes Privacy is using the modern WireGuard VPN implementation that was recently integrated into the Linux kernel.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Malwarebytes Privacy’s logging and data retention policies. According to Malwarebytes’ product page, “Malwarebytes Privacy does not log your online activities, whether it’s browsing or accessing any websites.” This is what most people want, but it would be good to get more specific language in a dedicated data retention policy or language in their privacy policy.


I think in future malwarebytes VPN will be good for privacy of data