Making telegram account anonymously

hello lads hope you all doing good.
i wanted to know about any ways to make telegram account anonymously or more privately without using my own phone number .


uhhh man use textnow app or any other service

try this service

go to register an account there
you will get a free number use it for telegram

not working already tried it dont work on telegram . keep giving error

how to use this website?

Buy or rent a phone number from here -
When, you purchase any number from this this website you pay via bitcoin only. So, you can say you have an unknown anonymous number first of all.

  1. Now this method is for Android and Ios only. This will also work with desktop telegram. Same process. Download BGram (telegram alternate application) from play store.

  2. Click sign up. Enter the number you got from smspva or any other sms site.

  3. Below you will see Set Proxy option.
    Click on it. Buy a socks 5 proxy from for your specific time 1 month etc.

Now, enter that proxy and you’re on the go.
Your telegram will connect the proxy before opening telegram. You are complete anonymous. For more anonymity you can use rotating proxy.

Same goes for desktop application with little modification. The only points needed is get anonymous private numbers using btc. And use socks 5 proxy while loggin in to telegram.


for proxy we can aso use orbot proxy right ?

I accept your question, but I am not satisfied how you didn’t like my reply. I don’t know if orbot supports telegram/ telegram has an option to orbot. But, my mentioned method is full proof to stay anonymous in telegram. If you want to switch with orbot you can try ChatSecure + Orbot

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