Making Money from Webmasters| EFFECTIVE

Making Money from Webmasters

This method requires more time than the others mentioned here but I can assure you that it’s worth every minute!
What is the one thing that every webmaster needs?
Each and every webmaster needs to host his websites somewhere right?
1000s of people become webmasters every single day and 1000s of them are looking for web hosting services!
That means that there’s a lot of $$$$$ to be made from this niche 
Making Money with this Method
As usual, the first thing that you need to do is to sign up with web hosting affiliates and buy a domain or make a free blog at or
Now we can do this in two ways, we can choose one affiliate and promote it directly (forwarding the domain to the affiliate link) or we can create a good review page and promote different web hosting companies.
Your choice 
Anyway the promotion methods will still remain the same. A good web hosting company that has an affiliate section is:
Now with targeted traffic I usually convert @ 1:23 or less. That means that if you use Hostgator you will earn $50 for each person that you refer to or $125 if you exceed 21 referrals per month!

Just imagine… if you refer a webmaster every day, you will earn $3750 a month with HostGator! 
Step 1
Sign up with Hostgator or any web hosting company that you like. Create a review page on a blog or domain, or forward the domain to your affiliate link.
Step 2

  1. Create an account on
  2. Place your link with GOOD anchor text in your signature.
  3. Participate in the forum to increase your signature’s visibility.
  4. I suggest that you make at least 10 posts and create 1-2 threads a day.
  5. You can even contact somebody with a high post count and pay him to use his signature 
    Just remember:
    More Posts = More signature visibility

In my opinion DP has the most effective signature. I get about 50-100 targeted visitors daily from a DP account with 1000 posts.
That’s a sale or two every day just from DP sig :wink:
Remember a sale a day with HostGator becomes $125 every day 
Yeah, DP signature is great! However, I still suggest that you do this on other webmaster forums such as:
Step 3

  1. Search for articles related to web hosting and copy them onto a doc file. 2. Re-write them in your own words with some good long tail keywords. 3. Give the articles a catchy title and submit the articles to (Make sure that you include long tail keywords in your tags) 4. When the articles get accepted on ezine you can submit them to:
Method’s conclusion and suggestion
Keep working on steps 3 and 4. Believe me making a sale in the web hosting niche is really EASY!!!


Since I read all the money making methods from, this is one of the good ones

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