Making a Movie Site, Needs recommendationsđź’Ą

Please guide me in making a movies site.
Guide me generally if you don’t have experience with a movie site.

  1. Which hosting is best at startup that can bypass the DMCA?
  2. Which domain name provider is OK?
  3. Which wordpress theme & plugins are valuable?
  4. Which script I should use for example Safe Script?
  5. Where can I go for traffic?

After some (or no) research I’ve gethered some points?

  • Offshore hosting with initial 100 or 120 GB bandwidth. Host images on third party img hoster.
  • GoDaddy is best for 1sy yr
  • Soralink is safelink plugin

Anyone want to correct me or add some points? It would be great help.


1 Flaunt 7 - (The cpanel startup pro or the Business plan is Good)
I have the business plan which is 14$ a month with 1.8core and 4 gigs of ram which is amazing

2.For the 1st Year Go with Namecheap or the one by the Offshore hosting you are buying
(Flaunt provides free domain on Annual/semi-annual plans)
If your Site Excels you can go with -


  1. Social Medias and Free Ad Credits you can get from Bing,yandex,google,facebook

Hosting should have approx 20 Gigs of storage if you use a theme like Dooplay you won’t be storing a single poster on your Hosting you will just embed em

Godaddy sucks for these kinda things, Don’t go with em or you will have to shift within 4-6 months depending on the traffic on your website (more traffic == more complaints)

You can Check out my gig as well if you want, I can get you hooked up-

If you have any questions, I will be happy to help


Thanks @Blaken for your effort. It solved my most problems.
Your Gig,
What about it? Can I ask you something specific because I don’t want you to do all of this for me.

Yeah … Shoot right away bro…