Make your own Aria2 Torrent Leecher-Supports Direct upload to Gsuite & TD

Not found error

link updated

Thank you Sir.
can you please tell me where to find the download folder or how to delete downloaded files!?

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wat do u mean not deploying from github what error u facing?

retry deploying ,looks like it didnt deploy properly

what do u mean its right there

Hey @FlashyFlash, pls check your PM
It’s a small doubt. Won’t take much of your time.

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Aria2+rclone worked for gdrive and Now its downloading file to Google drive.

But not downloading file to FTP and webdav.
I can browse my FTP directories using rclone browser, which proves rclone config setup alright.
Can you please let me know how setup FTP in aria to download files there.

can u send the heroku logs see what error it throws…

Is this safe? I am storing the torrent files on a Gdrive. Any suggestions to maybe encrypt the data? Thanks.

My issue is now solved from @Abdullah_Saeed pm.

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How much storage does this have? And theoretical speed? I’ve had 42MB down as my highest so far.

Edited: Also any idea how to delete files from the drive?

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heroku gives disk space of 375 Gb in free tier
i hv found the heroku speed is variable i think it depends on how much bandwith heroku can allocate to u at that moment…but its good enough
by drive what do u mean gdrive?or heroku’s storage?
heroku deletes files in its local storage after 30 mins of inactivity


How do you mean “inactivity”? My files are all still there right now and I downloaded a ton of stuff hours ago.

refer heroku site for more details

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Thanks a lot for sharing.
I’m a beginner using heroku, Can any one help me to solve this issue :
Aria2 --> connecting —> Disconnected (can’t connect )
A pop up windows --> " Authorisation failed "

Wat is the Aria2 secret ?
Thanks in advance.

In AriaNg

Error: Authorization failed

Read the guide again thats all i m gonna say to u guys Kumar_Cr, Mesh_Chopra


PS: To those who are having issues or not getting…just follow the guide word to word and that’s it (i configured it to my team drive on google and it’s working ezpz)

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When you create app on heroku secret key which you makes that key is your authorization key.

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