Make your own Alltube Downloader-Supports Youtube and various other sites

Hi guys, This is a guide on how make your own alltube downloader.


Follow this steps :-

1 . Open heroku signup
Note: - select “Role” as "professional developer’ and primary language as “GO”.
(You can skip this step if you already have an account in heroku)
2 . Now do the mail verification and login to your account.
3. Now Click this Link
4. Click the Deploy button (the one in purple).
5. Name the app whatever you like
6. Click Deploy app.Thats it…done.
7. Click view app…and enjoy.


Thank you, I will try this! :slight_smile:

is it possible to deploy this app on our custom domain directory without the help of Heroku! If YES? How?

You can But i have never tried it,so cant help u with that,But u can read instructions here

Thank u so much for sharing it.
can we select what quality to download like 720p 1080p etc?
and does it work with adult websites too?

Friendly Websites