Make $$$ With This Simple Guide

Hi there!

I want to share with you an interesting guide to make you some $$$. If anyone is not familiar with Fiver then (google it!). You will be selling leads, but not just any ordinary leads. These people will be active buyers of some product or service, they are your value in this business. In addition, you can get them with minimal effort, which gives them an unlimited potential for scaling.

Step 1: Identify a Fiverr gig that has at least 300-500 reviews. If the gig has orders in the queue, even better. Be sure the seller has a good reputation and no fake reviews, otherwise it is not going to work. Look for services that are frequently in demand, and ideally with a good one with a price of $25 or more. If you take a service for $5, it won’t be as profitable.

Step 2: Collect the reviewers names and import them into a google sheet. You can use a scraper or do it manually, either way you’ll have to do your research manually. Gather complete information about each potential client - the more the better. Email, company name, phone number and website - these are enough data to get you started. Just enter the username you found on Google - many Fiverr users use the name of their company as their fiver nickname.

Step 3: Google a company that offers the same product or service as the freelancer from whom you took the data, and sell leads to that company. It really is that easy. Be sure to highlight the value - (“these are real, interested buyers who are very interested in what you have to offer!”). As for price, you can sell them for $1-$5 apiece. Once you make friends with your client, offer to collaborate on a monthly subscription. Offer a trial package with a few links to get your first customers.

This can be increased indefinitely by hiring someone to collect usernames and email addresses. If the assistant does their job properly, all you have to do is conduct an outreach program to sell links. You can engage customers with cold emails or even cold calls if you’re good on the phone (honestly, that’s what I recommend). You will be very valuable to your customers by selling them a potentially large profit.

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Thanks for your idea.