Make unlimited free call from viber in 60 countries for free

Hello friends today i am gonna share how to make unlimited free call in 60 countries . lets get started.
Firstly we need to generate card , for that we have to go namso .
Bin:48950455 use this bin to generate cc
After that we need to check live cc .
Now download viber in your phone.
Open it, go to more. select viber out. select plan world calling . click on buy now . select payment card payment as payment method. fill up previously generated live cc and your personal details. boom done


Thank You!
Worked for me.

I didn’t get the option to enter above mentioned payment. It redirects to my own account.

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Not working. Payment Declined. Maybe provide more details for the bin? Country IP, etc.

Doesnt work

@Rakib_Hosain Bro need help!
I did not get the option for payment via card

Worked ok. Thanks! <3

Worked thanks mate

can u share me IP or which country support?

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If above bin not working . you can try this bin.




Free checkers make the bins useless. Don’t use them. If you want to check cards, use a paid checker, or check them manually.

you don’t need paid checker gate. valid checker bin is all you need.

no need to use paid bin . this bin working perfectly .

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