Make Stable Income | Noob friendly

So I’ve been reading a lot of threads and posts being made by Newbies asking how they can make between 10 and 20 Dollars a day.

This method involves the same old completing surveys, but I do recommend still reading as it includes many tips and tricks to earn without failure. Use this money as startup money to buy method / combos / services that’ll help you to earn more.

I used this method to make myself $400 startup which I later turned into a lot more. If you have an idea, but don’t have the funds, you are at the right place.


  • Preferably a computer / phone with internet
  • 2-3 hours a day
  • Motivation

The Method

This method consists of completing surveys, with lot of twists on how to make a good amount of dollars in a small amount of time. I will cover what I did and how I did it, this can help you.

First of all, you will need to create an account on any GPT site (Get-Paid-To Site). One of the sites that I used recently shut down, but the other site is still up. If you already know some sites that offer surveys you can use these, as this method is universal to all these sites, but the site that I used was

Once you have created an account, you will need to choose a fake identity for yourself, and you will need to become this identity whilst completing surveys, never straying from it.

Trick to get the BEST & MOST surveys

Age between 28 and 38?
Work in the I.T field?
English sounding name?
Have 2 Children, boy and girl aged between 8-16?
Born in the United States or the United Kingdom?
Have had fever or another minor “disease”?

And following this ensures that you get the most out of your surveys, and also don’t get disqualified.

If you have created this fake identity, write it down somewhere, so you don’t forget it, but soon enough it will be engraved into you.

Once you have done this, try completing your first survey. To do this, I recommend choosing the “Your Surveys” Panel. Though this panel doesn’t pay as much as the others, they have the most surveys and can help you start completing them.

How to efficiently complete a survey

So you’ve done all these steps and now you’re looking at a wall of questions, asking yourself, “How am I going to complete this?” Well, this is how you do it smartly:

Actually read the question, as they have trap questions to catch you out?
Don’t click the next button too quickly, they can disqualify you for that.?
If they are asking for you to select a box, do this randomly, but make sure to read all fields to ensure that they are not asking trap queries?
If there is an open text field where you can write any text, write a short sentence on the question, and don’t ramble about things?
If there are fields that are optional, do not complete them, this just adds on time?


To get the most out of your time, you should try completing the high paying surveys first, in my experience, the “Revenue Wall” panel has the highest paying surveys.


Though the length of some surveys says 20 minutes, these can take you only 5-10 minutes once you have experience in completing surveys.

Dealing with disqualifications and other issues

Sometimes you can be completing a survey and you are not part of the target audience, so they disqualify you. To help in not being disqualified, always read the first questions they ask you and try to stick to their required demographic.

For example, if the survey is about female hair products, and they ask you whether you are a male or a female, the smart choice would be to go with being a female, even if you are not, but do realize that if you have used the panel before, they can reverse the survey for submitting false information.

If they start to ask questions that you cannot answer, either search them up if it is a high paying survey, or just quit the survey if it is low paying.

You have to have a strong will and not be discouraged when this happens

My Earnings Proof

I have made quite a lot doing surveys, my highest paying day was $58 dollars and I only completed surveys for 3 hours total so far.

Sure, you can have completed them for 5 hours and made $100, but I simply lack the mental ability to answer bland questions for so long.

I mainly used the other site that was shut down, and probably withdrew close to $370 on there. I would also recommend you to scope out a site that you like, and also complete surveys between these, as this can ensure that you get the most of your surveys.




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i love doing this in Swagbucks, Opinion outpost and others more, but, for exaple, OO bans too much, and swagbucks have a phone verification i cant pass

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