Make Quick Money By Reselling ⭐

Let’s begin with the method!

Firstly I want to let know that this method is able to do automatic but u need to invest some money then

The method depends on a website which i’ll be talking about later.

  • Go to this website: and make an account.
  • the cheap prices are the key to make money.
  • deposit 50-100$ so u have some money to begin with can also be lower just what u want
  • go on discord and join some random marketplace servers (can also be other socials)
  • make an discord server and setup good prices like (site cost 0.50$ sell it for 1$)
  • once someone orders place the order on the site and let it run (site is automatic)
  • once completed let them vouch and advertise on diffrent servers
  • once u have some active people make invite rewards so more people will get into your server.
  • and repeat everything

how to automatic:

  • download an smm panel script
  • go to your webhost
  • upload smm panel
  • setup all your stuff like payment methods
  • setup the api provider
  • share your site and setup all prices and done everything will be automatic.