Make Money With TikTok Faster


So the first thing that you are going to do is creating a TikTok page, and the goal is going to be selling this page without actually wasting time to making it grow organically and waiting for your posts to go viral.
First of all, you have got to figure out what type of page you’re going to be creating, with what type of content and in what niche. Something that has repeatedly worked for me is the “Top Ten” niche, but you can get creative and choose whichever niche you are passionate for or you are comfortable with.

Once you have chosen your niche, set up your page and make it look nice and with some credibility. Look for some nice content in your same niche, and rip competitor pages when you see some content that might fit your page. You have to spend some time to make your page look legitimate, since we are going to “boost” our content, we need it to be nice and clean, otherwise TikTok algorithm will realise that something is wrong.
For this reason, you should rack at least 10-15 posts on your page, and try making them rank with the right hashtags and everything, so the page will slowly start getting some views and some likes on its own, and maybe even some followers.


Once you have built a decent-looking page with 10-15 posts that are already scurrying around the algorithm, it’s time to work a little bit of magic to increase your following and your reach. The point here is that we will HELP the page grow, by boosting the content a little, in order to make it rank bigger in the hashtags, but by giving the page this initial kick, it will actually make some posts go viral or have some big numbers in terms of views or likes, and they’re not going to be artificial. So we’re artificially kickstarting the virality of your content and your page, but only in order to get the algorithm chain reaction going.

So go and register your account at, then you need to make a 30-35 dollar investment, but don’t worry, we’ll see very soon that it pays off. First off, you need to purchase the TikTok autogrowth package that includes ten posts. You could buy the one with 30 posts, but to me, the 10-pack has always been more than sufficient. The basic one goes for 13 dollars more or less. This Autogrowth pack grants you that the next ten posts on your page will get a certain number of views and likes. You can choose the numbers you would like to receive since there are three tiers or packages, but once again, i have always settled for the cheaper one and it has always sufficed.
So, purchase the one you prefer and then go on with your page work. Keep posting and remember that the X number of posts after you bought the Package are going to be boosted so choose them wisely. I usually do 2-3 posts a day on my accounts.

Then spend another 15-20 dollars on followers.
Again, do it smartly. I usually buy 1000 real followers that are worth a little more than 10 $/1000 followers, and 5-8 dollars worth of normal tiktok followers that go for 1.50-2 $/1000 followers. Don’t do this all in one time,it goes without saying.
Usually, i buy the followers in the days right after i bought the Autogrowth package, in two or three different purchases, and they will gradually arrive to your profile.


Now that you have boosted your profile with the followers and you have the post package, you should continue posting and trying to make them go viral using the right hashtags. Do this for some time, and since you have that kickstart, you’ll see that in a couple weeks your page will have grown significantly. If you haven’t seen significant growth, just keep doing this for some more time and you’ll see that the expected results will come. The amount of followers you should be targeting to achieve is at least 10k, the more, the better.
Why 10k? Because usually no one wants to buy pages that have less than ten k followers. From ten k going up, you’ll always find buyers.


Once you hit that 10k milestone, you can either decide to keep your page and grow it more, to enhance the market value, or you can sell it on Instagram or on Fameswap for 100-150 dollars, which means that with an expense of 30 bucks you can make at least 100.

Happy learning!


Thanks. Looks like a fair bit of work for $100.

Are you sure is a legit site, these guys never respond to any mail, lost money on “ai dropshipping” service, bought the service but never recieved it