Make Money Online Easy Tips


  • 0$ or 100$ to start (If you have 100$ It will speed the process but you can start with zero cash)
  • A mobile phone (If you don’t have it just use an emulator)
  • A free or paid VPN
  • Some Brain Cells

PART 1 | Make your personal account

  1. Go over to, and open your account with your email address and make sure to use this referral code to get some cash by opening a box: 70347113

  2. Verify your account to gain level 1 (Don’t worry It doesn’t need any KYC just put some random realistic look like number and vola you verified).

  3. [OPTIONAL BUT IMPORTANT] Deposit 50$, this is important because it opens a big box that contains up to 500$ and also you will use this to start printing money.

  4. Find your referral link and copy it.

PART 2 | Start Printing

  1. Turn on VPN and Open a clean browser (Clear cache) and click here to get a temporary email.

  2. Open a new tab and paste your referral link, make an account and boom claim a box with some cash on it.

  3. Verify the account with random numbers to gain level 1.

  4. Deposit 50$ and open the new box with surprise on it.

Repeat this process 10 times or more but make sure that you change the vpn every time and remember to save all the email:password and use your personal account referral link every time and don’t deposit more 50$ from other sources. (After making a third account deposit from the second account that you created and so on, so the total money is 100$ that you used).

After that come back and open your personal account and just shake your phone to get a lot of money $$ and wait a week then open every account that you created and send all the money that you get from the boxes to your personal account too.

You can repeat the PART 2 as many as you want.


  • Why I need a phone?
    Because you can’t open the box without it.

  • What If I don’t deposit anything?
    It’s okay and you still can make money but you won’t have a high chance to get a lot of money.

  • How much can I earn monthly?
    It’s an offer so I don’t know if it will be valid for a long time but for now I make sure you can get at least 1000$ per month If you spend 4 to 6 hours each day on this method.

  • How this is no investment?
    You need 100$ to speed up the process but you always can withdraw your fund so yeah this is no investment.