Make Money On TikTok By LiveStream

There are a number of ways to make money through TikTok. You can start by creating and uploading your own videos, or by selling sponsored content. Here are some tips on how to make money through TikTok

What you need for the Method:

  • TikTok Account with 1000+ Followers

  • a Computer

  • YouTube/Twitch

  • a Brain

This method works over tiktok live, you impersonate Mister beast and streaming the free recorded Video of his stream. But how do you earn money out of this? You please a donation goal (I suggest 10K Coins) on the left corner over this donation Goal you put a Picture of Mr. Beast Giving out money, on the picture is the follow text: “Top 1 Gifter get 5K$” & “1 New Follower get 500$” now you just need to start the stream.


Step 1: Get a TikTok Account with 1K Followers or buy 1k followers from SMM

Step 2: Change the username to something like “mrbeastgaming”

Step 3: Get the TikTok Live Studio

Step 4: Download the Gameplay from Mr. Beast
Tip: Just search on YouTube “Mr. Beast Livestream”

Step 5: Open Live Studio

Step 6: Load the video in live studio and enable loop on the settings.

Step 7: Setup the Gift Goal & Follow Goal

(Step 8:) Enable the Paid Subscriber function from your Account

Step 9: Go live!

Happy learning!