Make Money Off Instagram Easily!

Hack Of The Day!

basically what we are going to do is combine some methods you might found on here to grow any page on Instagram instantly.

So first here’s what we need to do

  1. Make a new snapchat account (you dont need to but you should)

  2. add everyone on quick add in snap, I mean add like hundreds and hundreds of people

  3. Next goto and make an account then get the phishing link for instagram

  4. Now put the phishing link in a bitly (link shortner) and attach it to your snapchat story

  5. put click bait that makes people wanna swipe up and see whatevers on the instagram page (phishing site)

  6. Steal their accounts which they have all their friends and stuff added

  7. Now post a ad for your memepage!

  8. Once you get big sell promos

  9. Thats it yall, I grew so much for doing this in 1 day it is amazing!


NOTE: This trick is for educational purposes only, further use, do it at your own risk, we are not responsible of anything!


Sam , how do you go about adding users?
After a couple adds from quick add the option disappeared.