Make A Solid Passive Income Easily!

  1. Find any sites that you can put up something for sale e.g:, (I’d recommend not choosing ebay as that can lead to a lot of problems, especially in long term ) UK, Netherlands, Denmark, France and Poland are the best countries to sell in. Scandinavian If you don’t know the language, use google translate.

  2. Now find a reputable spotify/netflix upgrader service. For this method, we are going to we with spotify. . These are some of the reputable upgrade services. If you know another one, feel free to use it.

  3. Now you have to put up for sale your digital item that you’ll be reselling. In sales title, enter something like “Spotify 1 year premium. VERY CHEAP!” Then search google (depends on a country) for spotify premium 1 month price. If the price is something like $9.99, then put your 1 year subscription for $24.99. IT HAS to be very cheap.

  4. Now, if you will get a sale, you have to buy spotify upgrade key from one of the sites mentioned above. You can either upgrade your customer existing account or create him a new one. If your customer’s upgrade is expired or removed, simply re-upgrade his account, or give him a new one. ( has lifetime warranty)


  1. BE FRIENDLY TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! They frequently are coming back to buy a subscription for their wife, daughter, son, friend etc etc

  2. It is recommended to reach as many people as possible, so try new sites to sell, try to sell it locally. Sell it even for lifetime, not only 1 year. You can try with either 3 or 6 months subscriptions for cheaper. So basically it’s super easy as you can see

  3. Create a Facebook page and post in your local groups about your service too.

Thanks for reading!

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