Make a PDF safe

I’m surfing Internet and deep web and I download pdf files from many sites and recently I eared that hacker can do a lot to pdf files to hack you ( I don’t know how ) .
So I’m wondering if there is a way to convert pdf files to safe ones like a website that do that.
Thanks in advance !

You have many options mate :slight_smile: , but they are all commun…You can

1- Run/Open the pdf in sandboxie
2- Run/Open the pdf in windows sandbox
3- Run/Open the pdf in Virtual machine (Oracle or VMware)

PS: I don’t know if conversion of a pdf will protect you but you need to try this tool if you don’t want to use the three options above

Dangerzone Document Viewer | Open Source Tool To Scan & View PDF Files


As far as I know, pdf backdoor connection, use exploit from adobe product. So, as long as you open pdf file with a more secure app (like libreoffice), you will be safe.

I don’t know if Virtual Machines can make us safe .
You know there are codes which can understand if you are on a virtual machine and you know virtual machines have connection with the main machine so what’s the point?

Yeah I already published that tool in a seperated thread and I’ve put the link above in my first reply as another solution if u don’t want to use the three first options.
Good luck.Enjoy Reading your documents👍

Oh, I’m really sorry @fd2013 didn’t pay attention to the last link , I’ve deleted my comment.
Why didn’t I read the last line !!! :joy:

You don’t need to be sorry bro , we all suffer from such eyes damage :joy::joy:


Here is another method :
upload the file in this site and it will analyse for any problem. (NOT SURE HOW RELIABLE IS THIS SITE )