Make 20$+ Per Day Easily!

Generating income using an AI Marketing Tool

Step 1
Click on link to begin creating your account. ref ( free $50 ) | nonref ( no $50 )

Step 2
Fill in your details to create your new account.

Step 3
Once your account has been created, head over to . Click
login/sign up on the top right, than click on the blue brain icon. Once you click on it, it
should allow you to log in via the account you created above.

Step 4
Click “My Advertising” from the left hand menu

Step 5
Watch the short video explaining how the program works. You need to watch the
video in order to continue, and it’s very handy!

Step 6
Click “Top Up” from the left hand menu. Click on “Select method” than select
“Gift Certificate”, than enter L3HA-3A96-KKYP-79WO to get FREE $50 to start using
the bot.

Step 7
Check the top left of the website, and you should see an “Ads Balance: $50”, if its
not there, you can open up the live chat on the bottom right of the screen and request
for help.

Step 8
Once funded, either with the gift code, your own funds or both, wait 1-2 days for
your bot status to change from “Off” to “At Work”. This means that your funds are
being used to fund the next available ad campaigns, and in turn generate sales.

Step 9
In 3-4 days your bot will be fully active and selling. You should then see sales
come through within the “Sales” section on the left-hand side menu. That’s it! The bot is
working for you!



Thank you. Any proof of payment?

Let me try

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someone already said its not working in previous thread

yeah, I would love to see some proof…

I’ll try.
I used the code today. I wait until the bot is “ON”.

If it works, I consider put money in it. But I have to see first.
Thanks anyway

Now I have 61 USD pending cash, How I can withdraw this money?
And what payment methods are available for this?
Thanks For Sharing working method.

Why my cashback is pending yet? legit? It doesn’t look like it is, folks. It has a very low trust rating and no genuine reviews.


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