Lynda Premium account for 5 years $5 This isn't liberty pin account

Thanks for the service. Value for money.

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@Jaxk send a pm please check
@ramlimicheal Thank you for your feedback

If I already have Linkedin Learning premium / trial then may I take this using same email?

I’m a student, I need this account for learning purposes can please give me for free of cost, because I have not right payment method to deliver you. Hope you understand this @Shadowmoonlk waiting your replay.

@Faisal_Ahammad I have sent a PM to you

@MAAK Hi there is a Lynda free giveaway in this forum, Would you please participate in that? still open that giveaway Lynda

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How can I get one?
Would you please send me the payment link

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@stephenbowden I have sent a PM to you. I do have limited seats for lynda right now
So grab your chance
Thank you

@Shadowmoonlk Yo Thanks mate, Account is working awesome for your service.
I was looking for lynda account now i got it
5 star for your service
Thank you stay safe mate

im interested

Interested but please solve my few doubts
Will you provide account or Linkedin Learning Account ?
Because I don’t want linkedin learning account.

Hi this is Lynda Learning

What happens after 5 years? can i still access the account?

After 5 years account will get expire bro. Everything has life duration

Ive just completed the purchase @Shadowmoonlk, I provided the email at the checkout.
Do you need any additional information here? Going to wait your reply, thanks in advance.

I was looking for Lynda account and one of my friend suggest me to buy from you, I have sent the payment in shoppy, and provided my all details
Thank you

@AMML Delivered your account
@marasimon43 Account details delivered to your email

@Shadowmoonlk Yea I got my account, Thanks btw account is working well bro

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How do i contact you ?

@Dulam_D I have sent a PM to you & sent an email also, Would you please check those?

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