Lynda downloader

Perhaps is the far most easy way I have seen to decrypt downloaded lynda courses .

Below is the tool which Would allow you decrypt downloaded LYNDA courses with subtitles just download the tool and use it there a GUI [Graphical user Interface] which you help you decrypt with no issue .

Completely NO BRainer SoluTION !

Download HERE

Download the tool and use it to decrypt the downloaded lynda courses.

To create the LYNDA account goto HERE

for further clarification do follow up this VIDEO over HERE


Or try this


Im looking for a downloader that can Crawl through and download all of lyndas courses

If anyone knows about such a thing please tell me.

this is for those who are not well acquainted with cli stuff !

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I use that too, very good tool, also download subtitles and @SpardaKING I always appreciate more simple solutions, thank you.

I am actually making one for myself right now. It uses selenium to crawl the course on lynda with the video quality you like which isn’t an option with I can share it with you when I finish it if you like.


Yeah sure that will be great. Thanks alot for sharing

don’t mind me ahmed its good for you if you learn that but a reminder for you that the tool you are going to create is already made ,still we all are waiting up for your tool

and what is that tool? where can i find it?

such a tool has existed for years, its called youtube-dl, works for lynda/linkedin, udemy, etc


hi i have aquestion
is there any way to download lynda courses directly to google drive?
thank you for reading this.

better use a RDP and remote upload to your google drive to save time !

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