Lynda Courses Downloader [Developed by me] that downloads lynda courses by scraping them

I am learning C# and wanted to make a project that helps me practice it. I made a account a while ago using @SaM 's method whick made me want to create a program that downloads courses for offline use and at the same time practice my c#. I had no intention to share my program until @Makaroni_Makaroni asked for a program that downloads courses by scraping I was already doing that with my program by using Selenium so I thought why not share my program.

It is currently an intuitive CLI program but I will be adding a GUI soon.
Moreover, I am working on the ability to download the course to Google Drive directly.

Program Github link :
Releases :

Why use this lynda downloader?

  • Easy to use
  • Cross platform
  • Download in the video quality you like
  • Doesn’t need the lynda desktop app
  • Will be adding a GUI with version 1.0.0 which will make it the only Lynda Courses Downloader with a GUI because I couldn’t find any working ones
  • Upload directly to google drive will be added soon

Easy install

Just go to the releases section and download the version that suits your platform.


This program needs geckodriver or chromedriver to be present in the same directory as LyndaCoursesDownloader.exe. The latest version of geckodriver and chromedriver is already present in the release which you can download from here so you don’t need to do anything if you have the latest version of Firefox or Chrome

  • If you have Firefox installed , geckodriver needs to be present and it has to be the version compatible with your firefox browser. You can find out here.

  • If you have Chrome installed you will need to download the chromedriver which supports your browser version from here. Old versions of chrome are not recommended.

How to use

  • Windows

    Just run the LyndaCoursesDownloader.exe file

  • Linux

    Open a terminal in the directory of the LyndaCoursesDownloader program then type :

      chmod 777 ./LyndaCoursesDownloader

    and to run the program type:


Getting the lynda authentication token cookie

  • Firefox

    1. Press Shift+F9 on your keyboard OR right click anywhere on the Lynda website , choose “Inspect Element” and click storage.
    2. Look for the word “token” the column “Name”. Copy the value and paste it in the
    • GIF tutorial : here
  • Google Chrome

    1. Right click anywhere on the page and click inspect element OR press F12 on your keyboard
    2. Click on the 2 arrows in the top right corner beside the word performance then click Application
    3. Double click on the word “cookies” then click on
    4. Look for the word “token” the column “Name”. Copy the value and paste it in the
    • GIF tutorial : here

Any Questions?

Just create an issue with the tag question


Thanks my friend i will try :heart:


Thanks a bunch mate for looking forward and helping this community to get know something worth it, I saw many peoples seeking to get solution. I’m glad you have made it.

Once again thanks for the valuable contribution and doing such hard work :+1:


Why can’t i copy the token or url in the app, is it not available yet or am i doing something wrong? I am using Windows 8.1…

You need to enable copy and paste in cmd
Follow this tutorial :

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Thanks mate, wonderfull, :grinning:

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Your welcome ,SaM. I learned so much from this community so I thought it’s time to give back and contribute.


not working giving me this error
╠══[!!] An error occured : One or more errors occurred. (Exception of type ‘LyndaCoursesDownloader.CourseExtractor.InvalidTokenException’ was thrown.)
╠══[!!] Error details : at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.ThrowIfExceptional(Boolean includeTaskCanceledExceptions)
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Wait(Int32 millisecondsTimeout, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
at LyndaCoursesDownloader.ConsoleDownloader.Program.RunWithoutConfig()

This most probably means that you entered the wrong token. Make sure you followed the tutorial on how to get the token. If you are 100% sure you entered the right token create an issue here so we can look more in depth.

can it download the course resource files

No , because you can already do that from the official lynda website so I think there is no need to download the resource files from my program.
Furthermore, I found that resource files can reach 4 Gigabytes so my program would take more time to download the file than a browser.

Thanks a lot for the share.

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When ever i try to login in lynda its transfer me to linkdin learning portal…

I have never seen this issue but I think this is an issue with your account not the program. Are you following this tutorial : How To Create Unlimited Lifetime Lynda Premium Accounts For Free | New Method! 💯 ?


Thank you very much… Worked just fine. Already downloaded several courses.


Thanks :heart_eyes:

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