Louis Vuitton Refund Method


It doesnt require an account or require to be purchased through PayPal.

  1. Order 1 item off of louis vuitton official shop ($2k limit) and wait for it to arrive.

  2. Contact them when it arrives that you believe your tracking number is faulty because you booked a day off work to make sure the package arrived safely but it never arrived. Ask them for advice etc.

  3. You may get a good/bad rep. A bad rep may blame everything but LV and a good rep would try to get the resolution sought to as soon as possible. A bad rep will most likely tell you to contact your carrier, tell them you have and tell LV that the carrier are confused and referred me back here.

  4. Make sure that if the refund fails somehow, don’t wear the products you bought or tamper with them because you can return them to LV and get your money back.

  5. Sell it for 80%+ of original price and make lots of money from it! I’ve done this for school friends and I have had to hide all the cash I made from my parents under my bed.