Lockdoor | The Best pack of tools for Cyber Security students 🚪

Cyber Security.

Maybe the first choice of the new generation who want to know more about the world of computers and the Internet. It is really deep and interesting.

Here’s a tool for cybersecurity students. They will find it useful. it has a lot of tools categorized cleanly.

Lock door Framework . Maybe the best framework with cybersecurity resources for penetration testing. Lock door framework doesn’t have all the tools but who needs all tools? It contains only the most used and most favorite tools by the pen-testers.

The tools are collected and organized from different Distros like Kali Linux, ParrotSec, Arch Linux, etc. on the basis of the most popular and most used nature. It also contains some private tools collected from different hacker teams around the world.

You will find this tool entertaining as it contains some private tools.

Let’s see how we can configure Lock door on Kali Linux.

Configuring Lock door Framework on Kali Linux

Fire up your Kali Linux machine and download/clone the Lock door framework from Github. To clone this tool you can use the following command.

cd Desktop

git clone https://github.com/SofianeHamlaoui/Lockdoor-Framework

Now navigate to the ‘Lockdoor-Framework’ directory and expand it. Here you will find a bash script with the name ‘install.sh’. Launch the script in order to install the framework. Type the following command.

cd Lockdoor-Framework
chmod +x install.sh

After completing the installation you can now launch the lockdoor framework by simply typing ‘lockdoor’ on the terminal.

Here we go. All the options are known to us already. But go to the depth of the tool. Look at the sections to know what it has.

Let’s try the ‘Exploitation’ section.

Let’s try the ‘Findsploit’ tool. Okay, let’s search for something. For example ‘windows’ exploits.

What? didn’t expect it will give a list of 100+ exploits. Now its on us what we do with these exploits. The tool did his job.


The Lockdoor framework is really an awesome tool. It doesn’t contain all the tools but have you ever used all the tools Kali Linux has?

This makes this tool cool looking. We don’t need all the tools we just need those tools who do our jobs in the simplest way. Lockdoor Framework focuses on this thing. Simplicity is the best policy. We all know that.