Live wallpapers For Windows Pc

If u are kind of a techy who likes motion/animation or animated wallpapers despite the fact they consume battery and a lil bit of your graphic resources
then today i have something for u
Presenting to you wallpaper engine that provides you live wallpapers to have fun with and make your Friends jealous…Like who doesn’t like showoff :crazy_face: And That face of your Friend :exploding_head: is much more satisying than anything :sweat_smile:

Buy From steam:-

NOTE:-I am not an affiliate :smirk:

But wait As You are OneHacker i have something Special for You what could it be?

Think Again

Yeah You gussed it Right …Pretty Impressive huh

I have That engine And you can download it for free

Here You go onehackers:-Download

NOW lets come to tutorial part how to use it:-
Just download from above you will recieve a zip
Open it using any rar archiver

open the installer file it will install the wallpaper engine and just go through shown steps and choose any wallpaper to apply And there you go a live wallpaper to show off :crazy_face:

You Can also play Chrome dinasour type game on your wallpaper with this Engine :v:t2: :space_invader:

Note:-If u have a potato PC don’t use it as it may make it more laggy and drain battery of your laptop faster than normal

Bye bye Have a great Time
Note: I have tried make this post interesting and fun to read i am not the man who likes to showoff :rofl:


Wait!! if this works I f**king love you!!!

Edit: It Works!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


bruh… i was searchingfor this goddamn thing for months… and now look what ive found… cant thank enough.

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Welcome Bro

bro how can i connect it to steam…there are very few wallpapers avalible offline


You’re the MAN! I’ve been looking for this for like 2 weeks. I haven’t tried it yet, but thought I’d drop a comment and like your post before I get busy with the program :rofl:

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Bro it is paid if u want more u can buy it from steam🥰

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Thank you for this. :slight_smile:

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Check out videos like this on youtube, there is download link in their description. You can paste that link in the website given below to download…

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I was watching this video erlier and i thought can i get it answer was no then i found your link Love You Broooooooooooooooo


is it paid or cracked?
can we explore steam?

you can also use Lively Wallpaper from MS Store.

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Wait!! if this works I f**king love you!!!

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Have u read guidelines??? Uploading such type of dp is not allowed in this forum👍

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