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Pluto tv -free live tv and movies :tv: is affordable for the whole family. :family: All pluto tv channels are free. Here you will find movies of different genres, live sports, cartoons, breaking news and many more. After downloading pluto tv on demand app, you will be able to use it anytime, anywhere.
Pluto tv app for android:desktop_computer: provides you wide range of opportunities and features:
1. Watch on a lot of different devices.
2. Don’t miss on Pluto tv sports⚽.
3. Access to more than 100 pluto live and linear channels.
4. Find and watch the latest movies.:film_strip:
5. Adjust the font color, font type, size, and opacity of the captions.
6. Use pluto tv offline.
7. Watch on pluto tv music :notes:video channels for pop, classic, and faith music.
8. Before watching choose the pluto tv video quality: low, medium, and high.
If you like watching movies,:popcorn::movie_camera: then pluto tv movies app provides you tons of channels showing nothing but movies, with classic and recent films, along with different genre channels. All you need to do is download​:inbox_tray: the app onto your device drop in, and watch for free. Pluto tv HD quality is ensured. Before watching movies, programs.
This pluto tv guide is not the original app, as there is no connection with the creators. All we want is to give you information about the app.

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If you are willing to watch on iptv player. Here are full lists.


Thanks, but I do I use the links in the full lists? Please how do I watch them.

Just copy all.m3u8 link address and paste to your iptv player. All channels will be load.


Thanks, I was trying use VLC, but it didnt work. Any direct link of IPTV PLAYER ON PC?

Thank you for this lists. It works.

awesome! big thanks for sharing this. :heart:

to me it work with VLC, i just did it… i alwyas use VLC for such stuffs