List of Movies I am going to watch up next! Help me with your reviews!

If anyone watch any of the movie from this list, please drop your review via reply on that specific movie, so that I can watch that movie first and add it to this thread >>> [DISCUSSION] IMDb Top Movies of All Time | @TheJoker List if I liked the movie personally!


As a horror flick fanatic start with:
In the tall grass (watched last month,very creepy and scary 9/10)
Scary stories to tell in the dark (not so scary,mid-creepy but a nice flick 6/10)
Wounds (frustrating movie,not much to talk about 4/10)
Sweetheart (she is hot as hell,thats just it, watched it today 4/10)
47 meters down (nice movie.loved it 7/10)
Add: Crawl 2019 (fantastic shark attack movie, 9/10)

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In the Tall Grass movie is something which resembles 2009 “The Traingle”.A thriller but not so creepy.My rating 6/10.
Annihilation 2018 is a super thriller movie—8/10
Other movies are yet to watch.

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My review for annihilation is 8/10 it’s good at the first and the middle but i don’t really understand near-ending part

If you love horror go for Veronica (Netflix). Frankly I did not watch it completely as was feeling uneasy… hoping to continue it later on. The Exorcist and Conjuring are nasty but this one is worse (at least till the amount I watched and knowing it is based on real events in Madrid).

Also if you love TV Shows… go for these 3 at least… Breaking Bad (top), Chernobyl (amazing) and La Casa De Papel (Money Heist … very good).

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Thank you everyone, keep posting! :slight_smile:

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Midsommar is some next level horror movie.I would recommend to watch this first but others ain’t bad too.

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The King is a really good movie!!


Updated: Added new entries, if anyone watched any movie from this list, please drop your reviews and opinion on it!

My Fav Movies list!