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I’ve Intel i5 650 + intel hd graphics clarkdale 733mhz 45nm 32MB + 6gb ram
Which is basic in graphics.
Can you help me which games can support my configuration without interruption …
and how can i get to know that list of games which supports mine.
Thankyou in advance for help… :slight_smile:


Games usually have a list of minimum and recommended requirements to be able to run the game at a minimum or at an optimized performance.

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probably would say the games that came out before 2010 (except crysis).there is no specific list that is available on the web!

try this website out,just type in the name of the game that you are into and you might find something to work it!

Well that depends on what sort do you have in mind, (Arcade,GTA,TR…), and those who require more fps, you can check them by their launch dates, the web that I use for these sorts is (, give it a try.

what should i select in gpu :-

Go to System Requirements Lab.
There you can search for any game and check if your device can run it.

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Thanks Pranav :slight_smile:

intel HD i5 650!

how can i check on linux ?

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