List Of Free Phone & SMS Verification Websites | Version 2 🔰

A Compiled list of a bunch of websites you can use to verify your number on any website including Twitter, Tinder, Uber Eats, and Gmail. Most of them you have to pay for though there are several that are very cheap. As low as $0.01 each. Several accept crypto and there are a couple of free ones in there as well.



Here You can find the previous list:

List of Free Phone Verification Websites 🔰



Thank you very much, admin.
I want to ask if you could suggest the best of these sites for azure activation.
I tried the free websites but with them, azure gives a message that VOIP numbers are not accepted.
So, is there a website from the paid which is more likely suitable for azure activation?

1 Like Go for this site bro.

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Awesome. thanks. :smiley:

Also u need to register and then login or just login using username and password with vscguest and you can see a box beside the load sim/sms click it and choose your phone number and press load sim/sms