Levidio Youtuber | Create Youtube & Social Media Branding Content | Comprehesive Bundle ⭐

For the first time ever, a comprehensive bundle that helps you not only create videos for your YouTube and social media content, but also all your branding needs including thumbnails, video intro / outro
and much more!

Get access to 1300+ templates for your Youtube, Social Media and Promotion needs


  • Dynamic Opener Video Template
  • Youtube Video Content Style
  • Youtube Thumbnail
  • Channel Art Design
  • Youtube Subscribe Animation
  • Youtube End Screen
  • Lowerthird
  • Opener logo
  • Transition
  • Countdown
  • Virtual Studio with Animated Backdrops
  • Static Green Screen Virtual Studios
  • Animated Backgrounds
  • Green Screen Actors
  • PowerPoint Virtual Studio Creator

Videos are dominating the internet.

You already know that the internet is being dominated by videos.

In fact, no less than 5 billion videos are watched every day via youtube. This trend has continued to increase since 2014.

Youtube is more than TV.

We often hear the term " youtube is more than TV ".

This statement may still be debated - the fact is that nowadays there are so many national and international television media that upload their content through the youtube channel.

Accumulated more than 400 hours of videos are uploaded to youtube every minute!

Time to Face the Facts

That video is no longer ‘optional’ for your business. Video is very IMPORTANT for your business, whatever it is.

The problem is, marketers, bloggers, or business owners are usually not very good at making videos. Especially for playing on YouTube, there are many factors that cannot be ignored, such as the use of video thumbnails, video opener and outro, which seem to have become a mandatory package for becoming a YouTuber.

You could pay someone to do all that stuff for you, but we know the price isn’t cheap. Or if you decide to design your own, at least you need to master some software at once. At a minimum, to make the graphics and videos yourself. Not to mention to include animation and sweetening effects for your videos.

There are only two choices: spend to hire an editor or bother creating your own content.

Get started with

3 simple steps

  • Select
  • Customize
  • Export

Not only Youtube But also for whatever your business is


Make videos for your online store product promos 10x faster with Levidio

Instagram Influencer

Create super cool content for your Instagram feed

Affiliate Marketer

Create video reviews quickly and easily for the digital products you are promoting

Whatever your business

with attractive video and graphic designs - you can promote ANYTHING more easily and effectively

Levidio is suitable for everyone ,

from laymen to professionals,
from housewives to designers, everyone !

And This Is The Reason Why Levidio Youtuber Is The Best Mockup Design Tool!

Learn More > https://levidio.id/youtuber/

(Use Chrome built-in translate page feature to translate to English from Indonesian)


Go To Base64 & Paste The Below Code In Box & Press Decode To Get Link


Mega Drive:

Mega link : https://mega.nz/folder/ijB2DDAa

Decrption key: ts7cbJL7vbjA3UxyzFBQSA

Size: 9:30GB

:: Further Content ::

Levidio Animatoon - Basic


Levidio Animatoon - PRO

https://levidio.com/animatoon/dl/OT1jsf8831&[email protected]/


Sales Page :

Download link : >https://[email protected]/drive/folders/0B2WhNXyAMpBvLXhJeXR5Wno3N00

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I have uploaded it to my google drive, SaM add the link in the topic!

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Please backup and PM me the link for future use, GD won’t save these files for long time, I have backup on Mega but I can’t expose it here that soon, kindly backup the content folks and send me your links via Inbox!

@paynegh thanks for the GD link mate. Cheers!

  • Levidio Animatoon - Basic
  • Levidio Animatoon - PRO

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