Lenovo thinkstation s20 got powerloss between bios update!

Hello guys I’m here with a very big problem and I know that tou guys can help me fix it.
I bought a PC for my brother to get him started in gaming, while I was updating the BIOS I switched off the PC’s power switch thinking that it was my mobile charger’s switch and now I’m stuck with no display, it just give a BEEP when I boot it and then nothing, my GPU fans are spinning but no display.

please help me guys!!!

Hi there, I work as a maintenance technician and I think the only way to update bios again is via flashing the bios chip with an rt809f programmer with a file that has an extension of .bin (You will find that programer in an electronic repairing centre)

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thank you so much but is there any other way that I can try which doesn’t cost me much?

Go to board manufacturer’s website and look for the applicable User Guide/Manual for your motherboard. The beep code meanings should be explained in the manual.

If your beep code points to a corrupted CMOS, on the other hand—the chip that stores your BIOS settings—you may need to reset those settings in order to boot back up.

Clearing the CMOS shouldn’t erase your data; instead, it’ll just clear the settings governing the boot process. The steps for doing so can vary from machine to machine,

so check your laptop or motherboard manual—though it usually involves opening the computer, removing the coin cell battery on the motherboard, then holding down the power button for 10 seconds to discharge any electricity stored in the capacitors.

  • Once you re-insert that coin cell battery, you should be able to boot back up.

Finally, check for any other loose connections inside your PC. Has the CPU fan cable come loose? That could trigger a safety feature that prevents your computer from booting, so jiggle it back into place. Is your graphics card seated properly? Make sure it hasn’t come loose, and that all the requisite cables are plugged in snugly.


I’ve tried removing coin cell for 10 minutes and make sure there is no electricity going in to the CPU but no luck.

dude my pc is not booting.

I’ve read THE MANUAL FOR MY PC and I think that I found what I was looking for but can you tell me these 2 things.

1: what are CMOS/RECOVERY JUMPERS are and where are they located?
2: what is POST/BIOS (flash) Diskette and how can I get it?