Legally Make More Than $50 Per Week From Spotify

Everyone knows Spotify botting is a real thing, despite all the scams and shit going around you can find a legit way to do it, and it’s actually REALLY easily done.

Here are the things you need:
-Music (Can be shit music but the better the music the better the result)
-Album/song art and covers (find a gfx guy or do it yourself)
-A Spotify artist account (the older the better)
-Some money (optional) full guide

First of all, you need to understand that through most distributers it takes a while to receive a payout, on Distrokid (the music distributor I chose) it took 2 months for my first payout, however, after this point the payouts are frequent, and you can withdraw through PayPal! A bonus of this earning is that it is TAXABLE!!

Here is the FULL plan I used:

First week:
1k regular streams per song (on 10 songs)
500 premium streams per song
500 saves per song

Second week:
1k regular streams per song (on 10 songs)
2k premium streams per song
1.5k saves per song

Third week:
5k regular streams per song (on 10 songs)
20k premium streams per song
5k saves per song

Fourth week:
10k regular streams per song (on 10 songs)
50k premium streams per song
7.5k saves per song

After this point the increase is up to you completely, however, I also recommend to buy Facebook shares, start an Instagram and bot that too and look as legit as possible. This does require an investment made but it one of the easiest ways to “launder” your money and make it a legit income you could tax. The reason I like this method is due to the fact it is scalable to any amount, you could buy Facebook shares, etc and build a REAL audience, start a real career!



Can you share more details?
Where to get these bots and how much did you spend and what was the ROI?

Please tell where you the bot?

If somebody needs the gfx for the album/song cover, you can hit me up, I will do it for cheap.

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Incomplete information shared. This is mere a post where the writer flexs his knowledge. Not worth a read! Hope that author of this post will make suitable amendments.

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absolutely its not worth reading since its flex only his skill its doesnot shows any helpfull tips

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Yea I’m pretty sure there is a more complete post lying around that I saw earlier. Here basically what the other post says:

  1. Get songs and album artwork
  2. Go to DistroKid and sign up (it only costs $19 a year and its unlimited uploads for all services, plus u get verified)
  3. Next, go to and make an account.
  4. Buy premium spotify streams, and buy streams (1k to start with)
  5. Make sure to make ur account as legit as possible, (maybe buy some followers and saves)
  6. Remember for this whole thing you have to invest at least $30 to start making money.

Got it. So, it’s not free but guaranties future income along initial payback. Okay and thanks bruv for sharing proper details.

Yes, it requires initial investment. I haven’t personally tested any of them, but I am planning to. If anyone has actually done this before and can vouch I would be interested to know.

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I tried its wont work its same like buying followers on Ig for No use

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