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I hope you all are doing good in these times,
I want to start learning German. I know some basics but I am getting lost on the way how to keep up with it, what to learn next. Please do you know any good resources. Please do not say google it. I know that. But I need any resource that someone has tried and has given good results, I do not want to lose time with irrelevant stuff, I am finding all over net. Thank youuu!

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Search for “German Language Learning Pack” and “German Language Learning Pack (Vol. 2)” on TPB.

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This is a reddit post where you can find a lot of resources in a lot of languages, for german you will find a lot. In my personal opinion, Busuu is a very good option. Anki is extremely good and free, but you will need to learn how to use it.

Language Learning Resources


Netzwerk is the most used german course book. You can see their curriculum at their website. My favorite sources to find the materials are languagelearning.site and gen.lib.rus.ec


hey im german maybe i can help you to learn a bit
if you have intrest write me a mail [email protected]

Are thou a Christian?

yea, thats good course. But unfortunately can not find the its torrent. These posts were too old.

Thank youuu!!

For me, Begegnungen series : A1+ , A2+ , B1+ helped me a lot. Well structured and intensive course

Begegnungen : A1+ , A2+ , B1+ Free Download

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I am using Duolingo app to learn German and i am seeing some progress. it’s fun and you won’t get bored.

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