Learn To Crack Premium Accounts

This is a PDF containing all the details to learn to crack accounts, using all the required tools, and even how to sell them on social media.

Cracking and Hacking. 2 nice things, some people do it for money, some people for fun, some people for themselves. There are many nice things you can do in the internet. In this eBook you gonna learn a few things about Cracking, keeping yourself safe, how you get nice stuff and how you make money.

Cracking FAQ
• What is a combo?
A combo is a list of hacked logins. Mostly email:pass, but also user:pass –We use them to check for working accounts on different websites.
• Why do we need proxies?
We need proxies because the site we try to crack accounts from blocks our IP if we try to login multiple times with the same IP as security feature.
• Why do we have to useVPN?
For your own security. You don’t want the cops at your door or retards doxing you.
• Is cracking really that easy?
I guess, if I manage to do it, it is.


Happy Cracking!


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