Learn Cracking | Beginners V3

In general we can say Regex is something an AI use for understanding a query. For example
Regex helps AI to understand what to search for real and what to skip.

In here, while we are dorking, we will be using Regex to optimize our dorks and make it
specific to our target only.

Now you may think that google will understand us anyway, but while dorking we parse like
10 to 30 pages and in this case search result may vary if we don’t make google understand
about what we are actually searching.

Understanding GRS (Google Regex System) with Multiple Examples:
So basically we can say any dork is having regex system when it’s including search operators
or functions.

For example let’s see below

Fortnite + vBucks .php?player_id=

In upper dork we have our operator: +

Now take a simple dork for example:

“singer” + melody ext:php ?download=

Now I’m going to explain both correct way and incorrect way of using GRS in this one

Incorrect use:

(“singer” + melody) \ ext:php \ ?download\=

Correct use:

“singer” + melody ext:php ?download=

Now question is why first one is incorrect but second one is correct, so lemme explain a
In first example, parentheses are closed, so google knows it’s a string by itself, and it doesn’t
interact with ext: function, as ext: is a page extension function and it can be singular word

In second example we didn’t use backslash (it’s currently banned). So this one have regex
used in correct manner.

Let’s go through uses of wildcards:

-> ?

Now ? can be used only with those keywords that have commonly replaceable alphabet in
? is used to expand your results, it will search you target for sure but it will also enlarge you

For example:

Show + band .php ?video=

In upper dork we can add “s” after “w” in show, so we can use “?” there, lemme show you:

Show? + band .php ?video=