Leaked Intel i9-12900K Benchmark Shows Gains Over the Ryzen 5950X

UnknowingFool writes:

An engineering sample of Intel’s next flagship processor, the i9-12900K, was shown to beat AMD’s current flagship 5950X in Cinebench R20 by 18% in multi-core and 28% in single-core tests. The next generation of Intel processors is believed to use a hybrid big.LITTLE design where 8 of its 16 cores are for low power usage and 8 are for full power. The low power cores only run in single thread where the high power cores can run 2 threads. No official word on pricing or release date from Intel though but engineering samples and B600 motherboards are being sold in China for $1,250 and $1,150, respectively.

According to leaker OneRaichu, the results for the 12900K were gathered using water-cooling and without overclocking, so it’s possible the final score could be even higher. The rumors suggest the processor will come with 16 cores and 24 threads with a boost clock speed of up to 5.3GHz.