LD Player Crashes!

Hi there guys, the title is self-explanatory.

It was working properly but, all of the sudden since yesterday it crashes every time I load it.

I haven´t change anything on my PC or Windows configuration. The only thing different is that I installed a poker tracking software that uses PostgreSQL and, from here, it won´t load for me.

I try stopping both services and even uninstalled both programs from my PC using IOBit Uninstaller and I am still getting the same issue.

The only weird thing is, in BIOS Virtual tech is ON, but when I started LDPlayer, it said: VT: Disabled


I was also having the same problem. When I have searched for the reason I got to know it was due to the pc specs. When LD Player was first launched it’s minimum PC requirement was suitable for me but in later updates they increases the requirement and my pc sucks the requirement. Many errors come due to this.

Now you may tell that “I have not updated LD Player” but the EMulator itself get updated when a new update is there.

I think this may be the reason for the crashes.

The PC where the LDPlayer is running is a 64gb ram memory, i7 and 2gb graphic card with an SSD…With these specs, it shouldn´t have any issues.

LDPlayer is known to have weird issues like this. I recommend using MEMU instead.

But you could try to troubleshoot the virtualization first. Try to check follow this guide

Enable VT - LDPlayer

If it still doesn’t fix it, you could try to reinstall LDPlayer as a last resort

I already test it my VT with that app and it was enabled. The problem ins, when loading LDPlayer for some reason it disables it and it crashes at 50%