Khan Academy Course Downloader/Ripper

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VINOD PILLAI - After spending couple of hours searching for a simple downloader for courses on Khan Academy, and finding nothing, I decided to build one myself.

It’s one shell script containing less than 20 lines of code. That’s it.

Please feel free to use or modify/fork it as required for your use case.



sudo apt-get install html-xml-utils curl python-pip

sudo pip install youtube-dl

youtube-dl usage example:-

youtube-dl -o ‘%(playlist)s/%(playlist_index)s. %(title)s.%(ext)s’

How does it work? Given a URL on a specific topic in a course, youtube-dl utility is able to download all embedded youtube videos.

Khan Academy courses are basically a collection of multiple topics. The download script basically parses the main course page, extracts the topic URLs and iterates through each of them to download embedded videos using youtube-dl utility.


For example, to download 2nd grade math course from Khan Academy:-

As of April 2nd, 2019, this utility is working as expected.

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