Kali Linux 2019.3 Released, Get Them Now!

Kali Linux – The Popular Hacking / Pen-testing Operating System by Offensive Security released version 2019.3 of their Hacking Distro. Below are the official download links along with notable changes in the upgrade.

Kali Linux ISO Size Version
Kali Linux 64-Bit 2.9G 2019.3
Kali Linux Large 64-Bit 3.5G 2019.3
Kali Linux 32-Bit 2.9G 2019.3
Kali Linux Light 64-Bit 1.1G 2019.3
Kali Linux Light 32-Bit 1.1G 2019.3
Kali Linux LXDE 64-Bit 2.7G 2019.3
Kali Linux MATE 64-Bit 2.8G 2019.3
Kali Linux KDE 64-Bit 3.2G 2019.3
Kali Linux XFCE 64-Bit 2.7G 2019.3
Kali Linux E17 64-Bit 2.7G 2019.3
Kali Linux Light ARMHF 803M 2019.3

Upgrade Kali Linux Now

[email protected]:~# apt update && apt -y full-upgrade

Upgrades / Changes in Kali Linux 2019.3

  • Kernel Version 5.2.9
  • Kali Linux Repositories to use Cloudflare CDN for distribution, which will eventually make updates delivery/ download faster.
  • Kali Sites Status – Know the status of all websites and public mirrors of Kali Linux if they are working fine
  • Kali Linux Metapackages – as previously announced , the Kali Linux packages will ship as groups of – everything, large,default. ISO 2019.3 is everything iso.
  • Kali Linux Helper Scripts – Using Scripts is now easier. PayloadAllTheThings, SecLists, WebShells, WordLists and even Windows Scripts like mimikatz and many more are now easier, you will see a brief description and than moved to that folder.
  • Updated Tools and New Packages – Tools are updated (Burp, Nmap, Kismet and many more)
  • Gnome ( Default DE ) users now won’t have background refreshing repositories , this is now disabled. Personally Great for me !
  • NetHunter Updates – more device image added, devices without Google Play also now supported. OnePlus 7 (New Flagship Device), LG v20, Nexus 5X, Nexus 10
  • ARM Updates .



Thanks for the update


Thank you chief @SaM

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Thank you so much.
This update needed for every Kali linux user.

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Thank you very much

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Wifi is not working what to do please help me

It’s a random error there may be multiple reasons:
1> May be your wireless card is in turned off state, try physical switch or key combo(like Fn+F3 ) to turn on/off Wi-Fi.
2> Try:
service network-manager restart
nmcli networking on
3> If this not work, devices firmware may not be install, try following:
sudo apt-get install firmware-linux firmware-linux-free firmware-linux-nonfree
For Broadcom wireless card:
sudo apt-get install firmware-brcm80211 firmware-b43-installer firmware-b43legacy-installer broadcom-sta-dkms
Note: If kali is install on VM then wifi will be bridged, so it will work as Ethernet or wired connection.
Also try opening kali with root privileges

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