Just opened a free music streaming site!

For the past 24hrs, I have been putting together [rather quickly] a free music streaming site.
After listening to commercial radio, it was so full of ads I just decided that enough was enough.
So after purchasing an off-shore hosting account and an off-shore domain, I was ready to begin my quest, to open a 24/7 ad-free music streaming station, the only addition that will be included later will be the odd Station I.Ds.
So please check it out, and let me know if you find any security vulnerabilities or have any suggestions regardless, here is the link - allthrowbacks (DOT) live



You could shrink this space down. Or use it to show different stations or genres of throwback music. That’s my input. I like the TILED gif

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I did not even consider shrinking anything down, as I use a 38" Ultrawide monitor, and as such, I always leave the setting to Fullscreen by default.

How does that look to you now? I have now reduced the bottom section, hopefully it’s okay.

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Looks better now. Best of luck on your ventures.

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It is using too much CPU.

After, changing tab/ minimizing browser with background play.

High CPU, most likely due to background GIF.


Just changed my background, did not notice a great difference in the CPU load.
But please do keep letting me know of any other recommendations etc you may have
this applies to any and all of you.

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Here’s my view on macbook m1. It works just fine, the page just need better user interface. It does not look clean at all.

Good luck with your project!

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Nice Work!

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awesome work bro.

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Lovely work bro great work,

I am so grateful to be a part of Onehack

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Thank you all for your kind words, it has given me the confidence to carry on and try and improve the layout to a more suitable one.

All the best

I believe you will find the playlists are a bit more organized, even though they are set to shuffle!
And as Christmas is almost upon us, I would like to tell you in advance that …

I have also just updated the site layout, please let me know if I’m on the right track or not.
There is one quirk on the page, and that is if one clicks on the ‘uncategorized’ option, it will direct you to a blank page.
And I have no idea how to remove it, as I just installed the Divi Theme and Builder, which is new to me.
I am also at a loss of how to disable the sidebar, as there is no option to disable/remove it.
So any help/advice would be truly appreciated.

Well I finally found the option to remove ‘uncategorized’ and replace it with ‘Home’
so at least I’m halfway there …
I think the overall look of the page is nice, at least it looks good to me, but I do have a rather colorful outlook on life. :sweat_smile:

All the best.

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yes bro, the revised layout looks clean.

Can you let us know how you did this, and what are the costs involved?